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These testimonials reflect how Ellen's Learning Enterprise has transformed and enabled students with the tools for success. Read down below to hear what students and parents have to say!

"Ellen brought a wealth of knowledge, an amazing talent in motivating and guiding, and a sense of humor that made my son’s college search one of the highlights of our year.  Ellen was instrumental in helping my son get into all his top college choices and the family as a whole actually enjoyed the process."

- V.N. Parent of a Valley Christian High School Student


"Thank you, Ellen, for your kindness and support of Bella over the last year. The college application process was daunting for her. Selecting a major and a school that is a great fit takes time and research. From college counseling and offering advice to writing letters of recommendation to being a sounding board, you have been very helpful and are much appreciated! You were able to work with my daughter by identifying the schools that would be good fits and providing her with feedback on essay topics and content. Your previous careers in software, engineering, and education shine through in your interactions with students. I cannot recommend you enough to help students and parents navigate this process and enable them to feel empowered throughout the whole experience. I have referred you to other friends, and they also consider you to be a gem of a resource."

- Christine

"We highly recommend Ms. Ellen Kolstee as a coach and educator for national standardized test preparation endeavors. Ms. Kolstee is a proven and effective resource to help you and your student strategically prepare well for these standardized tests. As evidenced in a confirmation letter from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, our son Astin T. LeQuang is one of the Finalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program. While a student's diligence and desire to achieve are necessary prerequisites for any success, we believe that our son's test preparedness and especially the mental conditioning work he did with Ms. Kolstee early on in the summer before he went into 9th Grade, were instrumental tools for his success not only in the PSAT, but also the SAT where he scored 1580 and the ACT where he scored 35. When it's time for our son to work on his GRE, DAT or MCAT test prep, we will not hesitate to seek Ms. Kolstee's assistance again. In any case, we needed someone with not only high academic caliber but also someone who would be flexible to execute a customized plan most suitable for our son. We were fortunate to find her. We hope you are fortunate to find her as well!"

- TC LeQuang


"As a student under Mrs. Kolstee's guidance during my academic tutoring and SAT test prep in middle and high school, I can attest to her unparalleled level of competence and breadth of experience. Mrs. Kolstee's ability to rephrase complex concepts to suit my learning style and formulate effective strategies for tackling challenging questions was truly remarkable. Her command of the SAT subject matter was impressive, as she effortlessly guided me through intricate concepts with clarity and enthusiasm. Now, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, I am certain that Mrs. Kolstee's efforts in my education were foundational to my ongoing academic success. Her dedication and expertise have left an indelible mark on my learning journey, for which I am profoundly grateful."- Aaron LeQuang

“Working with Ellen as a parent has been an amazing experience. Ellen always went above and beyond what I would have expected from a College advisor. She made it a point, before we formally engaged in the advisory of my daughter to meet with both of us, understand my daughters’ aspirations, knowing her as a person and sharing her own experience and approach. Then ever since, she made it a point to continuously communicate with me by sending periodic updates of what the two of them were able to achieve during that period of time, providing her own observations of how my daughter was progressing and the areas of focus for next period, and giving me always a sense of how many more sessions she taught would be needed.  In addition, my observation is that even though my daughter had the commitment to meet with Ellen and do homework, she was always eager to meet with her and would tell me periodically how much value Ellen brought to her development, her frame of mind, her strategies, and her developing confidence and courage. These are all things I witnessed my daughter develop in an impressive short amount of time with Ellen. I have never known a student advisor of this caliber!"
~ Nina
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