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Timelines and the new FAFSA

Transitions are never easy, whether they are from high school to college or from the old FAFSA platform to the new. They each require a period of adjustment and can cause some temporary stress.

What are some ways to stay on an even keel and mitigate that stress?

Learn as much as you can about the changes in the timeline of the FAFSA rollout, when student data will be sent to universities, when students are expected to receive their financial award letters from prospective schools, and when students are expected to give the school of their choice their “Intent to Enroll” answer.

To find all this information, the first place to look is your email inbox. Colleges will be sending you updates regarding the financial aid process. FSA has an update page that gives the details on their FAFSA rollout: 

Your high school guidance counselor and I may also be of assistance in determining an individual college’s adjusted intent to enroll deadline and how to navigate imbalances in your decision timeline (needing to let one school know when you haven’t heard from another).

Note that colleges which require the CSS-Profile may be sending out their financial aid packages on time, but if you are waiting for information from a school that only uses FAFSA, you will have to postpone any final decision until you hear from the FAFSA only school. 

One thing is certain: the best strategy for coping, in general, is focusing on your wellness, keeping a healthy balance of rest, a good diet and exercise, spending time with family and friends and keeping up your studying, grades and extracurricular activities.

This season of the college application process and the end of the school year leading to your high school graduation demands your focus and your best efforts. The rewards will be clear over the summer, as you begin a new transition to beginning college, a gap year or a job.

It’s good to visualize a more relaxed summer experience and whatever you are looking forward to about your college experience!

Till next time,



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